The vacant plot in March 2008
The vacant URGE
plot in March 2008



- Britain's Most Northerly Market Garden -
Turning your food miles into food inches!

The working tunnel in June 2008
URGE's working tunnel
in June 2008


Our first proud achievement as U.R.G.E was
to change our garden plot:

     < From this ...
... to this! >     
...... inside four months!

That was the U.R.G.E. !
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- URGE and fresh garden produce for Unst -
"   'The BBC loves your website' ...   "

   When it comes to fresh food, Unst is literally right at the end of the road. Food is transported to Britain, then Aberdeen, then on the ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick and then on a two hour road trip and two more ferries to get to the shops. No-one really knows when their food was harvested, or indeed how it was grown.

   From an initiative launched by Sarah McBurnie (of See Shetland Tours - see 'Links'), a few like-minded people got together with the specific aim of growing as wide a range as possible of chemical-free fruit, herbs, salad and vegetable produce.

   This loose co-operative has evolved to become the URGE, as we had the 'urge' to do something about our ability to eat fresh food with a known provenance and to incorporate as much recyclable material into the enterprise as possible, thereby keeping our costs and carbon footprint to a minimum.

   Initially, we expected to grow a bit more than enough food for our own tables, with any surplus being sold at the local Farmers' Market. An early start was made growing basic varieties ...

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