The vacant plot in March 2008
The vacant URGE
plot in March 2008



- Britain's Most Northerly Market Garden -
Turning your food miles into food inches!

The working tunnel in June 2008
URGE's working tunnel
in June 2008


Our first proud achievement as U.R.G.E was
to change our garden plot:

     < From this ...
... to this! >     
...... inside four months!

That was the U.R.G.E. !
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- Photographs of the URGE Project -
"   'A real and practical example of recycling' ...   "

We've created a photographic record of the Unst Market Garden project as things have gone along. Selected images of the construction process can be seen in the slideshow animations shown below. Other images will be used to illustrate the various eBooks as we publish them.

The images shown on this website have been resized to fit, but not enhanced in any way. This is intentional - what you see here is exactly what you'll see at URGE, when you come up to visit us.

The URGE people at work
The initial state of the land

The land equipment
The tunnel  equipment (raised beds)
Some tunnel produce